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ROT-120 Ride Height Sensor w/ Linkage & Hardware

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If you are needing to replace an RPT-120 ride height sensor and all of its related components, this kit is going to be perfect for making the repair. This kit will feature an ROT-120 ride height sensor, the linkage, and hardware to get it all installed.

ROT-120 Ride Height Sensor 

On air suspension systems, some items may have to be replaced or serviced over time depending on how much you use your system and what type of climate you are in. Our eLevel+ kit utilizes ride height sensors to read where your vehicle currently sits to give you accurate readings in your e+ app. These AccuAir e-Level sensors feature a plug and play design to make them fully replaceable if you have one become damaged or start to malfunction. 

ROT-120 Linkage & Hardware

In every AccuAir e-Level kit, you will get height sensors, linkage, and hardware. The linkage component of this kit can become damaged or broken over time leaving you with a malfunctioning air suspension system. AccuAir has you covered with a direct replacement ROT-120 linkage and hardware kit. This kit features the same components found in your e-Level kit to allow you to easily replace your damaged components with high-quality replacements.

What Is A Air Suspension Ride Height Sensor?

An air suspension ride height sensor is a sensor that is installed on a vehicle with air suspension to monitor the height at which the vehicle is currently sitting. Heigh sensors allow users to easily get to pre-set heights at the push of a button. This enables you to get to your favorite ride height without having to pulse your switch to fine-tune your suspension every time you want to air out or up.