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91-2000 DAULLY AIR BAG KIT  (12-16 WEEKS OUT!!!!)

All of our kits are designed with the installation in mind. We want to make it as easy as possible and do 80%, if not more of the work for you. The notch and center section are completely welded together. Shock tabs have been welded on to the axle perch's as well as the center section. The front half of the kit is completely bolt on. Call it a 50% bolt on 50% weld on. (Kit works with SS8 or 2600 bags) Like all of our parts everything is built with HRPO .250'' steel and built in house and in Oklahoma.

Kit includes. 

1 goose neck hitch with monster notch's welded on fully assembled and shock tabs

2 axle perches with bag plates and shock tabs

2 lower link bars with adjustable bar ends and senser mounting tabs

1 gas tank crossmember 

1 wish bone with R joint 

1 DC chain attachment point

2 Lower link bar frame mounts with ACCUAIR sensor LOCATION 

 Kit comes with all necessary grade 8 hardware for install and ship on a pallet.


 shocks, bags and goose neck ball not included.