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1992 – 1999 C2500 / C3500 Complete 5 Inch Front / 7 Inch Rear Lowering Kit

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1992 – 1999 C2500 / C3500 Complete 5

Front / 7 Inch Rear Lowering Kit




Now you looking at a slam kit, a full 5″ front and 7″ rear that puts your 1-Ton down on the ground. A combination of spindles and coil springs up front provide the front drop. You can still align to factory specs so you won’t ruin those big expensive tires but you need to be more carful about how you drive! The front end is very close to the ground, great looks comes with some responsibility so just be careful.


A traditional rear axle flip kit is what we use for the rear. You get 7″ right out of the box because your leaf spring is so thick (1-ton) that moving the axle on top gives you a full 7″ drop. You’ll have to “C-notch” (all parts included) the frame to keep some travel and install the shock extenders (included) to keep your shocks vertical. There is a lot of work with this amount of drop but darn well worth it!

Recommended parts:

  • Front Shock 1315 (Sold each)
  • Rear Drivers Shock 2000 (Sold each)
  • Shock Passenger Shock 2200 (sold each)